Can this genius Doctor's radical CARM
Age-Reversal Process…

to 37 years of age!?

New "Cellular Rejuvenation" breakthrough gives American seniors
a second chance at youth. Verified details below…


Hello. I’m Dr. Richard Gerhauser, M.D., with an urgent medical alert for you and your spouse.


If you’re seeking a proven way to reclaim your youthful health and “start over” – this could be the most important message you’ll ever hear.

In a few seconds from now, I’m going to reveal an extreme “youth restoration” process more than 30 years in development…

…that works from the inside out – reviving every single cell of your organs, tissues, and muscles…

…to “RESET” your body’s age to that of a 37-year-old.

I am 100% serious. Today, I’m exposing a revolutionary breakthrough in the science of human aging.

The scientific name for this anti-aging process is the Cellular Age-Reversal Modus or CARM

And here’s what you can expect when you experience CARM for yourself

The most immediate and noticeable change is a strong current of youthful energy starting in just days…

…the kind of head-to-toe energy you likely haven’t felt in many years.

It’s like a vibrant current of electricity that you feel the moment you open your eyes in the morning…

…so you sail through all your daily chores and appointments…

And you still have plenty of energy to enjoy evening events with friends and family…

You’ll suddenly notice that you’re doing so much more again in every blessed day.

Expect to rediscover hobbies you thought were behind you…

Maybe you’ll feel like dusting off your old bicycle, planning a tropical cruise, or planting a beautiful garden


When you experience this new, endless surge of energy every single day, nothing will feel out of reach any more

But that’s still just the very first stage of the CARM youth restoration process.

In just days, you’ll realize you feel mentally sharper… your mind somehow seems “clearer”…

You’re thinking quicker… and find your razor-sharp memory is back.

You might notice that faces, names, and appointments all come to you without any effort

Embarrassing “senior moments”
are suddenly a thing of the past…

…and balancing your checkbook is so easy again

And while you feel your body and brain returning to a “youthful state” on the inside

You’ll be astonished by the dramatic physical transformation you’ll SEE

Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and do a double take


Yes, you’ll see yourself, but a much younger version. Like a photo from decades ago….

As time goes on, you’ll watch your skin actually grow smoother… your wrinkles vanishing like a shirt being ironed…

Your skin will start to glow with health and life again

But what you won’t see is what’s happening inside you

Because the CARM age-reversal process works at the cellular level – to help RESTORE every organ, every system in your body…

As the final stages of the CARM cellular age-reversal process take effect…

your heart and entire cardiovascular system return to a more youthful state…

Your arteries open up, allowing more blood to flow… so your circulation gets better

Then your blood pressure improves… and so does your blood sugar and insulin sensitivity

the whole system starts humming along like a brand-new engine filled with high octane fuel…

Your doctor will likely be shocked by your new numbers – I’m sure he will say, “Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!


Then, incredibly, you’ll notice your vision is getting stronger…

…including your eyes focusing quicker on the TV and when you’re reading.

And you’re able to more clearly see road signs at a much greater distance

But think even bigger. Much bigger.

Because, incredibly, with this scientific breakthrough restoring your brain, heart, eyes, skin, and energy at the cellular level

You could live an extra decade … or more

Honestly, I’ve never seen anything else like it for restoring a senior’s health to where it was decades ago.

And all of this is available to YOU right now just by watching this presentation.

I have the proof right here in front of me and I’m going to share it all with you today.

In fact, I believe this cellular “age reset” could be like a second chance at regaining the health and energy you had in your 30s.


Look at your calendar… what is 7 days from now?

Because in just a week you could open your eyes in the morning and step out of bed…

…surprised at how energetic… how full of new life you feel.

You practically skip down the stairs… feeling stronger, more secure, more stable on your feet.

While that new, blessed energy doesn’t quit… powering you through your entire day

You don’t feel tired. You don’t feel weak. No, you feel… fantastic.

You feel YOUNG.

Sound impossible? I don’t blame you for being skeptical.

I would be too… but I’ve personally seen the CARM process in actiontime after time.

The CARM process is the very latest in medical science.

And if you give me just another minute I’ll show you the rock-solid PROOF for yourself.

But that’s not all.

I’ll also show you how to do the simple 4-stage process to experience this change for yourself

You can do it in your own home. You don’t need a doctor’s visit.

And CARM involves no drugs, hormones, injections or surgery.

No, it’s so much more powerful than all that junk.

This is a simple, natural process you can do on your own to help restore and re-energize every single system of your body.

Everything you’re worried about… every bodily function that declines with agenow transformed like new again.

The revolutionary CARM process is all about restoring your youth on a cellular level – naturally.

Yes, you’re about to learn to “reset”
your current body to a younger age

So your cells, organs, and every system of your body work like they did in your 30s.

And this could happen for youstarting in just 7 short days.

But maybe you’re wondering why your doctor hasn’t told you about the CARM 4-step anti-aging solution?


The truth is, he doesn’t know a thing about it. Almost no one does.

In fact, this breakthrough almost never got to you at all.

You see, much of the CARM cellular age-reversal process has been a closely kept secret of the world’s elite.

Earlier in my career, I spent more than a decade as a private physician at the exclusive Canyon Ranch property in the desert southwest…

…where celebrities and the super wealthy came to experience its world-renowned health restoring and anti-aging secrets.

And it was at this elite medical facility where I first learned a protocol that helped seniors restore their youthful healthif they followed a simple but specific process.

I’m sure we’ve all seen Hollywood stars who stay active, fit, and gorgeous well into their 70s, 80s, and even beyond

Well, I think it’s plain wrong that staying young and healthy has been reserved for just the very rich and famous…

So, I’ve been using these same “youth restoring” secrets to help the senior patients who come to my Arizona clinic.

I’ve seen their incredible results first hand…

As they begin to feel stronger, more energetic, healthier, and YOUNGER within just days

But I wanted to share this miracle with more American seniors… people exactly like you and your spouse.

So today, for the first time, I’m revealing the full CARM process to you

And you won’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars at an exclusive “health resort”.

Heck, you won’t even need a doctor’s appointment.

All you need to do is watch this brief presentation… that’s it.

So let’s get started right now. Here’s everything you need to know…

At the heart of the CARM system is a revolutionary 4-stage “age-reversing formula”.

This formula is made of 4 special nutrients working together to “de-age” every
system of your body…

Here’s how it works…

You just need to take this special “Youth Formula” – the 4 nutrients in the perfect dose just once a day, before breakfast…

…and you could start experiencing your own age “reset” in as little as 7 short days.

Ok, let me now tell you exactly what they are...

The first ingredient in this “youth cocktail
is something called Ubiquinone

Ubiquinone is a natural substance similar to a vitamin.

It’s actually found in every single cell of your body. And even though they never teach us about Ubiquinone in school…

…it’s probably the most important thing in your entire body.

You see, your body uses Ubiquinone to make energy.

All of it – every ounce of energy you need to move, to think, to make your heart beat… heck, to even just stay alive

…is thanks to Ubiquinone.

And science has now learned that when you add the right amount of Ubiquinone back into your body

You can actually help RESTORE the youthful energy you felt in your teens, 20s, and 30s.

Remember that? When you couldn’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning and attack the day?


That’s what Ubiquinone – stage one in the CARM “youth restoration” formula – can do for you. Let me explain how it works.

While our science teachers never talked about Ubiquinone, you might remember something called “mitochondria”.

They look a bit like tiny beans inside all your cells. But they do something incredibly important.

Basically, mitochondria are like little energy power plants inside your cells.

Simply put, they create just about ALL the energy that keeps your body alive.

When you were a child, all your mitochondria worked great… and, as a result, you had boundless energy.

In fact, studies now show that a 5-year-old child has perfect mitochondria – but by the time someone reaches old age their mitochondria are sputtering and failing...

And the difference in energy between a rambunctious child and a person in their 90s is pretty clear, right?

Ok, but HOW do your mitochondria create all the energy for your body?

They use Ubiquinone.

Ubiquinone is the FUEL that powers your mitochondrial power plants.

In fact, you cannot make energy without Ubiquinone. Your body NEEDS it!

And, when you have enough Ubiquinone, your cells’ “power plants” work great.

They create tons of energy. So your body works great. And you FEEL great too.

Remember that? When you could work all day and have energy left to see friends at night too?


And then do it all again the next day? You barely stopped for breath back then

That’s because your cellular mitochondria were getting plenty of Ubiquinone…

…so they were fully fueled power plants creating endless energy.

But here’s the problem.

After about age 20, your Ubiquinone levels start to decline.

In fact, they drop about 20% more every decade from then on out.

So by the time you hit your 50s, you have a lot less.

Your cells’ mitochondria are creating less energy and you really start to feel it.

But by the time you’re in your 60s and 70s, you don’t have NEARLY enough Ubiquinone to make energy.

And the effects are drastic. You have no energyno zest for life.

One busy morning and you’re exhausted all day.

It gets even worse. Prescription drugs cause your Ubiquinone levels to plummet.

Did you know that there are 143 different drugs that deplete your vital Ubiquinone levels?


Beta-blockers, hormone replacement, antidepressants, and even antibiotics all wreck your Ubiquinone levels.

But if you’re taking a statin drug for cholesterol, then you’re in real trouble

Statins absolutely destroy your body’s Ubiquinone levels. (You can bet the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t talk much about that fact.)

But any way you slice it, whether it’s from the natural decline we all experience as we get older – or if it’s accelerated by modern pharmaceuticals…

chances are good you are very low on Ubiquinone right now

And you NEED Ubiquinone to make youthful energy.

Remember, your body cannot function properly without the right amount of Ubiquinone.

And this isn’t just theory. The way Ubiquinone helps your body make strong, youthful energy… has been proven by top scientists.

A groundbreaking study has now confirmed how 500mg of Ubiquinone creates new, youthful energy in your body.

It reduced overall tiredness and significantly increased energy in patients who were
suffering from fatigue

I’ve read the full study and the science is clear as day

Ubiquinone helps every single organ or function of your entire body work better, with greater energy… just like they did 30 years ago.

And when your body gets the right amount of Ubiquinone, you’ll experience a surge of youthful energy and vitality


so you suddenly feel like a much younger version of yourself.

But that’s still just the start.

The CARM cellular age-reversal protocol is built around 4 miracle nutrients… and Ubiquinone, also known as CoQ10, is just the first one.

Considering it floods your body with wonderful energy…

…and revives every single cell in your entire body, it’s a pretty powerful place to start.

Now, some leading doctors are finally starting to catch on to how Ubiquinone can help seniors feel so much younger

But almost no one knows what I’m about to tell you next…

You see, Ubiquinone is an astonishingly powerful age-reversing solution.

As I said earlier, your body literally cannot make youthful energy without it.

But the CARM age-reversal process includes something even stronger

A second nutrient that COMBINES with Ubiquinone inside your body…

To create a miracle combination that helps strengthen and protect your heart…

…and could actually EXTEND YOUR LIFE
by a decade or more

It’s called Selenium.


It’s Stage 2 in the CARM age-reversal process.

And almost nobody knows this, but when you combine Ubiquinone with the right kind of Selenium…

…they form a life-extending elixir inside your body.

I’m not exaggerating.

Because an incredibly in-depth scientific study followed 443 people for 10 full years.

These people had an average age of 82 at the beginning of the study…

And when the study was completed after 10 years, it showed some astonishing results.

It seems that combining the right amounts of Ubiquinone and Selenium…

…is like an insurance policy for living longer and healthier.

Now, this 10-year study was meant to show how Ubiquinone and Selenium together could help improve cardiovascular health.

And it did just that… improving heart health by more than 50% compared with the seniors who got a placebo instead.

But it did something else amazing

The overall rate of longevity for the
Ubiquinone-Selenium seniors
significantly increased

Yes, that means in studies it’s been confirmed that this combination could EXTEND your life.

It’s like it’s protecting every system of your body from aging…

That’s what’s so incredible about the nutrient combo that is at the heart of the CARM anti-aging process.

Not only does it make everything in your body work better… work YOUNGER

It might actually dramatically increase the length of your life!

Think of this… just for listening to this presentation today…

How many years could you have now added to your life?

10… 12 years… more? MUCH more?! Well, listen to this…

A study showed just Ubiquinone alone increased the lifespan of rats – often chosen for studies because they respond just like humans – by 24%.

That would be like adding 19 years to your life.

It’s mind-boggling to think that almost all doctors are missing this!

A full 12… 15… even 19 extra years to live?

And you’ll live healthier… happier… with boundless energy – thanks to Ubiquinone and Selenium.

Could this be a true second chance at your youth?!

How is no one talking about this?

That’s why I had to rush you this video today…

…to pull back the curtain on the life-saving, youth-restoring process that has been the closely held secret of the world’s rich and famous.

No more. I’m revealing all their secrets today…

…so you and your spouse can enjoy a healthier, happier future together.

I want you to have many more blessed years together… more cherished time with your family and close friends…

…all while feeling younger, healthier, and more energetic than you have in decades.

And then, when your children are getting older, you can share the CARM process with them as well…


…so they also can enjoy a second chance at their youth. And they’ll pass it on from there.

But, to make this happen for you and your family, you need to know exactly how to take advantage of the CARM system.

So let me get back to Selenium for a moment, the 2nd of the 4 nutrients in the formula at the heart of the CARM age-reversal protocol.

Well, just like Ubiquinone, Selenium is a natural substance that helps protect your cells.

It stops damaging free radicals from harming the cells in your heart, organs, brain, eyes, and skin.

So they can work just like they did decades ago.

Selenium is incredibly powerful
at protecting your cells

The Ubiquinone-Selenium combo is like an invisible shield around your bodyprotecting every cell, organ, and tissue from aging.

It makes you feel youngerwith much more energy. And better brain and heart function

But could also extend your lifespan.

That’s how powerful the 4-stage CARM process is…

And that’s exactly why I’m sharing this message with you and your loved ones today. And please pass it on to those in need.

But it gets better. Much better.

Because I’ve now introduced you to the first 2 pieces of the 4-nutrient CARM cocktail

Ubiquinone that creates a new surge of energy throughout your entire body… renewing every cell and organ to work like they did years ago…

And Selenium that combines with Ubiquinone to help protect your heart…

And even increase your lifespan.

But there’s a 3rd nutrient that is even more powerful.

That not only helps “de-age” every cell in your entire body…

Especially helping your eyes focus better… letting you read a menu or book in low light…

And helping you recognize friends and read street signs from far away… just like you used to.

But it does something else amazing

It also makes you LOOK younger, like you completely turned back the clock… as if by magic

And it’s almost completely unknown to most doctors.

I guess that’s no surprise, because it comes from one of the most remote and dangerous places on the planet

The treacherous Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica. In this freezing ocean… with gale-force winds and giant waves that regularly sink ships…

…lives a very tiny creature. They’re called krill.

Krill look kind of like miniature shrimp. Here’s a picture.


Krill-Krill-Krill-and-more-krill1-e1361233191928 by KoiQuestion / CC BY 2.0

You’ll notice they’re the same pinkish color as shrimp.

And their color is actually very important.

Because the thing that gives them their pink color is a special nutrient inside them called Astaxanthin.

Science is now learning that Astaxanthin
is a miracle health solution for seniors

Scientists have confirmed you can help stop the aging process in your cells by protecting against free radicals.

And certain substances called “anti-oxidants” are really effective at destroying these dangerous “free radicals”.

And Astaxanthin is the undefeated champion of anti-oxidants.

There is nothing better at destroying the dangerous free radicals that damage and age your body.

Have you heard of resveratrol?

It’s the substance found in red wine that a lot of medical types are saying is one of the best things for keeping you youthful and healthy.

Well, clearly they haven’t heard of Astaxanthin, because in vitro studies show it crushes resveratrol like a pro football team taking on some Pop Warner kids.

Astaxanthin is 3,000 times more powerful as an antioxidant than resveratrol.

And everyone knows how good vitamin C is for you, right? And it is important, yes.

But Astaxanthin is an unbelievable 6,000 TIMES more powerful than vitamin C.


There’s nothing else like it I’ve ever found.

And there is no more powerful way to “turn back the clock” on every single cell in your entire body than by taking the right amount of Astaxanthin.

And this isn’t just my own medical experience.

Verified scientific studies have now shown that taking just a little Astaxanthin has remarkable “youth restoring” effects

It helps improve your long-distance vision… significantly helping your eyes focus on objects far away – like a distant road sign on the street

Or recognize a friend who’s way down the street…

Astaxanthin also helps your eyes focus better and more quickly

Does this mean you could read restaurant menus, see the television, make out street signs easier, and enjoy a good book even if the living room lights are dim?

There’s more.

Astaxanthin is truly a wonder for aging eyes

In a study on mice, Astaxanthin protected the delicate retinal cells of the eye from aging…

A 6mg dose also helps reduce the eyestrain you could experience after reading small print on a menu, recipe, or newspaper…

But Astaxanthin has another very big trick up its sleeve.

Because it does so much more than improve your vision…

Now, giving your body an “age reset” from the inside out is a life-changing thing...

And to know that you could even be increasing your lifespan by 10 years or more will give you an incredible sense of peace and security

And feeling boundless, youthful energy coursing through your veins… giving you the vigor to do all the things you once loved again.


Plus, sharper eyesight to help you recognize street signs easier and read all your favorite books…


Now, who wouldn’t want a true age-reversal inside your body… re-energizing every single cell?

But let’s be honest here.

Yes, you want to feel happier, healthier, and more energetic. Of course.

But, between us, you wouldn’t mind
LOOKING a whole lot younger too, would you?

Maybe even looking decades younger?

You know, back when you got a whole lot of attention from the opposite sex?

Well, you’re going to love the next thing I’m about to share…

Because Astaxanthin is so powerful… it even helps reverse the age of your skin. By DECADES.

Scientific studies have shown that in just 6 weeks, Astaxanthin reduced facial line and wrinkles by an astonishing 50%.

Let me repeat that… that’s a FULL 50% REDUCTION in wrinklesin just weeks.


Look in the mirror tonight… and then picture your face with half as many lines and wrinkles just a few weeks from now.

Not only that, Astaxanthin improves the elasticity of your skin… so it looks and feels younger to the touch.

Maybe like it did when you were first dating your spouse?

And thanks to Astaxanthin, your skin will hold more moisture… so it looks fuller and smoother. Younger.

You might even see that youthful radiance return to your skin… the “young glow” you thought was long gone.

Imagine how you’ll want to rush to the mirror every single morning to see it workingalmost like a calendar spinning in reverse

…the years of age vanishing from your face and a younger, more attractive you emerging

Heck, some of your friends might even suspect you of “having some work done.”

Just smile and accept their compliments… you know the amazing truth.

And feel free to let them in on your secret if you choose.

When you think of what it does for your eyes and every cell in your body

Plus the fact that you could smooth away half
of your wrinkles and restore your younger, smoother skin…

It’s simply astonishing that mainstream medicine has not yet caught on to Astaxanthin.

And it’s possible that’s because krill – a major source of Astaxanthin – down in the Antarctic South Ocean are pretty hard to get to.


But I’ve found a facility right here in the United States that has figured out how to farm Astaxanthin from natural micro-algae (they’re like tiny plants)…

…and the super-charged Astaxanthin they’re creating is like the regular stuff on steroids.

In fact, the kind they’re farming has 1,500 times more Astaxanthin than you’d find in krill.

And you don’t have to book a trip to frigid Antarctica to get it!

In fact, I’ve worked with this cutting-edge American facility… the one making the most powerful Astaxanthin concentrations on earth…

To secure a supply for you and your spouse.

In fact, for the first time in my career, I’ve taken the complete CARM anti-aging formula

Ubiquinone for youthful energy and reversing the effects of aging on every cell in your body…

Selenium to combine with Ubiquinone to create a life-saving “shield” that helps protect your heart and increase longevity…

Plus Astaxanthin for “youthful eyes” … and 50% less wrinkles

And combined the perfect doses of each nutrient… in the highest quality forms…

…in a clinical-level formula called AstaVida.


This is the first time ever in my more than
30-year career that I’m putting my own name behind an anti-aging product


Before this, the only way you could come close to getting the CARM age-reversal formula was by making an appointment at my Arizona clinic…

Or spending thousands to travel to elite anti-aging “resorts” with the rich and famous…

Now, all you have to do is ask and I’ll rush you a supply of AstaVida…

…the complete 4-nutrient formula you need to start experiencing an “age reset” for yourself.

But maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve only told you about 3 of the incredibly potent age-reversing nutrients so far… Ubiquinone, Selenium and Astaxanthin.

You don’t miss a trick. Because to experience the complete cellular age-reversal process you need all 4 nutrients.

So here’s the 4th and final nutrientand it’s just as important as the first 3.

It’s called Alpha Lipoic Acid… or ALA for short

And what ALA does to your body is the final piece in the “age reset” puzzle.

You see, ALA works on your brain and memoryit helps protect them for your future

And can even help restore them back to a younger state.

Now, breakthrough scientific studies are confirming it…

Time and again, people with fading memories who then took ALA and omega oils performed better on memory tests.

Yes, even though they were experiencing age-related memory decline, ALA was able to reverse it.

Imagine how they felt when they realized their memories had grown stronger again

Not only that, they were able to think faster as well.

Taking ALA is like getting a “tune up”
on your brain…

…so you’re sharper, quicker, and with a steel trap memory.

Does this mean you’ll drop those “senior moments” in favor of a new, razor-sharp brain and memory?

Will you recall names and addresses in an instant?

And race through the Sunday crossword like its child’s play…

impress your kids and grandkids by answering all the quiz questions first…


And you’ll rest easy, secure in the knowledge you’re not just improving your memory now, but helping to protect it for the future as well?

There’s so much more.

That’s still just the start of how taking ALA can help you “reset” your age

It also helps your blood flow better… 600mg helps improve your blood pressure

And it even supports your body’s natural inflammation response

So you can see why I included the perfect amount of ALA in my AstaVida age-reversal formula.

Again, I’ve never put my name and reputation as a medical doctor behind a “youth restoration” product before…

but that’s how much I believe in AstaVida, which contains the 4 miracle nutrients you need to experience full age-reversal.

Are you ready?

Ready to experience a “restart” to your life?

Ready to feel every cell of your body kick back into high gear?

Ready to face the future with confidence and security?

Others have already started enjoying the life-changing results from this 4-nutrient formula.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Description Description Description Description

That’s the power of AstaVida

And, for the first time, you don’t need to come to my clinic to experience it for yourself.

I can now ship it directly to your door. With no hassle at all.

All you need to do is RSVP for your own personal supply – I’ll tell you how just a moment from now.

And that’s how you can experience everything I’ve told you about today…

But there is one thing I must warn you about.

The 4-nutrient cellular age reversal formula in AstaVida is only available one place on earth

And that’s right here, right now – by requesting your own personal supply directly from my team here at Solaire Nutraceuticals.

I’m afraid the AstaVida “youth restoration” formula is not sold in stores. And it never will be.

The rare nutrients I’ve included in AstaVida are produced in small, carefully monitored batches.

And the only way I can be sure you’re getting the authentic AstaVida formula is to make it available directly to you.

So if you’re ready to reset your age and“start over” your life, you must RSVP for AstaVida today.

I’ve been a medical doctor for more than 30 years and AstaVida is without question the most potent anti-aging formula I’ve ever seen.

In fact, I take it myself.

And even though I’m now 64 years young… I’ve never felt better.

I go for long hikes into the mountains most days of the week.

I have so much energy… I sometimes feel like I can run circles around kids half my age.

But, please, don’t take my word for it.

I want you to experience AstaVida for yourself… today.

I’m so confident this formula is going to make you feel so much more energetic

…with a “younger” heart, memory, and eyesight

…and with smoother, more radiant skin

I want to send you AstaVida with ZERO risk

That’s right… I’m offering you the chance to try AstaVida todaywithout risking anything.


Here’s how it works…

Reserve your own supply of the 4-nutrient wonder AstaVida today. You’ll be shocked by how reasonable it is.

Then, when your personal supply arrives in a week or so, open it immediately.

Follow the easy instructions and start taking AstaVida daily.

It’s just 2 small, natural capsules you can take before breakfast with a little water or juice.

Then… feel how it begins to revitalize your body from the inside out.

Marvel at how it sharpens your vision, eliminates wrinkles, and boosts your brain power and energy

Starting just 7 days from your first dose.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you start to feel. How much youngerhow much happier.

But if, for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied with the way you look and feel, simply give us a call and we’ll refund you every penny, no questions asked.

Let me repeat that… if AstaVida doesn’t do EVERYTHING I’ve promised you here, simply request a refund and we’ll be happy to oblige.

This unlimited guarantee NEVER expires

You can request a full 100% refund any time in the future — it could be 6 months from now… a year… or more!

This way, there’s no pressure… and no risk at all… when you try the incredible “age reversing” AstaVida formula today.

So let’s do this: In a moment, you’ll see a button appear below this screen.

Press that button and on the next page you’ll tell us where to send your supply of AstaVida.

Once you do, we’ll begin packing your shipment of AstaVida and then we’ll rush it your way.

Just a few short days from now, you’ll receive a discreet, brown box from USPS.

The return address will say “Solaire Nutraceuticals.

Carefully packed inside will be your own supply of AstaVida.

I recommend you immediately bring the box into your kitchen, open it up…

…and take your first dose with a glass of water or beverage of your choice.

Then keep taking it every morning as directed…

Within just 7 days,
the unique cellular-revitalizing formula in AstaVida will have flooded your entire body…

Ubiquinone, Selenium, Astaxanthin and ALA will be working together to begin revitalizing your body from the inside out — delivering the youth-restoring nutrients it’s starving for.

As time goes on, you’ll feel like you’ve been given a brand-new body… and a brand-new lease on life.


You’ll wonder “How did I ever go a single day without AstaVida?”

And that’s an important question… so we want to make sure you’re never going to miss out on the age-reversing power of AstaVida.

Because if you stop taking AstaVida, there’s a very real chance your most frustrating health problems could come roaring back.

I don’t want that – I want you to feel incredible. PERIOD.

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That means,

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